Friday, April 29, 2005

Woman In Love

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Life is a moment to spare ,when the dream is gone ..
Its a lonelier place and I kiss the morning goodbye ..
Down inside we never know why..
The road is narrow when eyes meet eyes and feelings gets strong,
I turn away from the wall, I stumble and fall but I give it all.
I am a woman in love
and I'd do any thing to get you in my world and hold you within..
its a world that I defend over and over again..
what would I do ?
With you internally mine ...
In love there is no measure if time. we planned it all at the start
you and I living in side each other heart.
We may be oceans away ..
You feel my love and I hear what you say...
The trough is a never a lie.
I tumble and fall and I give it all .
yes I am a woman in love
and I am talking to you I know what you feel
what a woman can do
its a world that defend Over and Over again .


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